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Air Conditioning Installation Sunshine Coast

Climatech is very experienced at the design, installation, maintenance & repairs of air conditioning for the residential market. Whether you have an existing home, or building a new one, Climatech can handle all aspects of the job, making sure that when it comes to your home you control the environment.

Reverse cycle, ducted air conditioning, or a single split system air conditioner? The choice is yours.

Home with air conditioning design on the Sunshine Coast


Climatech will sit down with you to plan the most effective and cost-efficient air conditioning system for your home – whether you live in an apartment building, a family home or a waterside mansion. Taking into account factors such as the size of rooms, the construction materials used, the effect of sun in summer and winter, the budget you have in mind and whether you want a reverse cycle system or simply a cooling system, Climatech can design the system that suits your needs best.

Home air conditioning installation on the Sunshine Coast


With a team of fully qualified installers and access to equipment from some of the world’s leading suppliers.

Climatech will install your home system with a minimum of fuss.

And they clean up after themselves, leaving your home spotless.

Residential Air Con Maintenance and Service

Maintenance & Repairs

All air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to continue operating efficiently.

Climatech provides cost-effective onsite maintenance servicing for your home system.

Benefits Of Installing Air Conditioning In Your Home

There are several reasons why you should consider air conditioning installation in your home or business. Some advantages of air conditioners include:

  • Promoting better air quality through their filters
  • Reducing humidity levels
  • Reducing exposure to allergies by filtering pollutants or dust mites
  • Preventing appliances from overheating
  • Preventing mould growth by preserving a dry atmosphere

For more information on how air conditioner installation can benefit you, contact us today.

Build, Installation & Design

At Climatech, our team of experienced air conditioning experts specialises in the build, design, and installation of residential air conditioning in Noosa, Caloundra, Maroochydore and surrounding areas on the Sunshine Coast.

We have installed both ducted and split system air conditioning units in homes across the region for many years, and our professional air conditioner installers are skilled in designing unique air conditioning systems to suit any family’s requirements.

We can design and install an air conditioning system that suits your budget and needs quickly, efficiently, and without fuss.

Split system air conditioning systems are comprised of indoor and outdoor units. Ideal for commercial sites, they’re also becoming increasingly popular amongst residential customers, particularly in coastal regions. Split systems are relatively quick and easy to install and are a cost-effective choice, as well as offering a quieter operation.

This is because the noisiest part of the system is housed outside the building. Another great benefit of split system air conditioning is that it’s a more energy-efficient solution than other systems, which is good for both your pocket and the environment.

Commercial air conditioning helps to ensure the comfort of your staff as well as your customers and visitors. We’re highly experienced at carrying out commercial air conditioning installations whilst causing the minimum of disruption to your business.

We’ve installed air conditioning systems at a vast range of commercial sites across the Sunshine Coast, and can help you to identify the ideal system for your individual circumstances. Once we’ve custom-designed a system to suit your needs, our great quality installation work ensures your system is correctly in place and ready to use.

Air Conditioning Units Outside A Building

Air Conditioning Repairs Sunshine Coast

If you’re looking for experienced, professional air conditioning experts to repair your air conditioning on the Sunshine Coastour team at Climatech can help you. We’ve worked on air conditioning for residential customers across the Sunshine Coast, and we’re dedicated to tailoring all of our air conditioning services to you and your family’s needs. We are always happy to offer expert advice and recommendations to help you to get the most out of your air conditioning.

Exactly which checks are carried out during an air conditioning repairs will depend on what kind of air conditioning system you have installed in your home. Your technician will carry out a number of different checks to ensure that every aspect of your AC unit is working properly, including:

  • Checking refrigerant
  • Testing thermostat
  • Ensuring all internal parts are working as they should
  • Checking build-up of debris that could restrict airflow
  • Carbon monoxide testing
  • Pressure testing
  • Full chemical clean and flush
  • Cleaning filters, fans, coils
  • Identifying and repairing minor faults

Types Of Air Conditioners We Service

Ducted air conditioning is a kind of air conditioning that uses ducts to pump fresh, treated air into different rooms or areas of your home.

You should intend to have your ducted air conditioning system serviced at least annually to ensure that it’s running at maximum efficiency. This can help to reduce your energy bills and improve the performance of your AC.

We also recommend that clients with ducted systems undertake an indoor coil clean at least once every two years, to ensure that the air being pumped around the home is clean and free of germs and other bacteria.

Ducted air con units in modern ceiling
Climatech cleaning a split system air conditioner unit

Split system air conditioning is a kind of air conditioning that uses two parts – an outdoor compressor and an indoor evaporator – in order to cool or heat air in the home.

A split system air conditioning unit should be cleaned and serviced every year to ensure that it is working properly and not blowing odd smells or bacteria throughout the home.

A split system air conditioning service will include various work such as cleaning the filters, flushing the drain, and cleaning the indoor fan coil as well as a full-function test to check that your split system air conditioning is operating properly.

Get In Touch

If you’re looking for experts in residential air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast, call our team at Climatech today on 07 5450 6001. Our expert advisors will be happy to discuss your needs with you and book you in for an air conditioning consultation, installation, or service.

We are experienced air conditioning engineers that don’t push the hard sell: our priority is keeping your AC system up and running and helping you to make informed, smart decisions about your family home.

Call us today for advice and information about our residential air conditioning installation and repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need For My Home?

The size of the air conditioner that you need for your home will depend on the size of the rooms. Air conditioner cooling/heating capacity is measured in kilowatts (kW), so we have outlined kW range based on different room sizes below:

2.5 kW – Ideal for rooms ranging from 10 – 25 square metres. Suitable for:

  • Bedrooms
  • Small living rooms
  • Small kitchens
  • Small office spaces

3.5kW – Best suited for rooms ranging from 25 – 35 square metres. Suitable for:

  • Bedrooms (With or without en-suites)
  • Study rooms
  • Small living rooms
  • Medium kitchens
  • Small rooms

5 – 6kW – Suitable for rooms that measure from 35 – 60 square metres. Ideal for:

  • Large bedrooms
  • Bedrooms (With or without en-suites)
  • Medium living rooms
  • Medium rooms with high ceilings

7 – 8kW – Best suited for larger rooms from 60 – 80 square metres. Suitable for:

  • Large living rooms
  • Large, open-plan spaces

This is a general guide, so if you want to know more a heat load calculation should be conducted. This looks at multiple factors such as windows, roofing and insulation in the property.

How can I save energy when using my air conditioner?

Air conditioners can be incredibly efficient when set up correctly. Try out these tips to save energy when using your air conditioner:

  • During warmer months, use your air conditioner early in the morning so that it doesn’t have to work harder to cool the home.
  • Adjust the louvres of your air conditioning unit so that air travels downwards while heating and horizontally while cooling.
  • Clean your air filters twice a month.

How long does an air conditioner last?

Every air conditioner is going to have a different lifespan based on its usage and environment. On average though, we expect ducted systems to last for about 10 to 15 years without issue. Split systems have a slightly shorter lifespan on average of around 7 to 10 years. Evaporative systems have an even shorter lifespan of around 5 to 7 years.

How Often Should Air Conditioning Units Be Serviced?

We recommend getting your air conditioner service at least once a year. Over time, dust and dirt accumulate in your air filters and condensing coils, decreasing their efficiency and increasing your energy bills.

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