Maintaining your air conditioner regularly is the best way to get efficient and optimal performance out of it. It also helps to maximize the lifespan of your cooling system. Neglecting regular maintenance can lead to a notable decline in the performance of your system while increasing energy use significantly. It can lead to unforeseen inconveniences, especially in the hot summer months.

Below are some reasons why you should prioritize regular air conditioner service for home and air conditioning maintenance for commercial premises.

1. Improved Efficiency

Maintaining your air conditioner regularly allows for efficient performance as it reduces the risk of unexpected breakdowns. It is also vital for reducing stress on your air conditioner. Dirty and clogged filters can impede normal airflow, making your air conditioner work harder than usual. Removing built-up dust and debris is vital, as is unclogging the filters. Both actions increase the efficiency of your air conditioner when cooling your home or business premises.

2. Extend The Life Of Your System

Replacing your air conditioner can be expensive, especially if you need to do it every few years. That is why you should aim for your unit to serve you for the longest time possible before you replace it. Regular maintenance can extend your equipment’s lifespan.

With proper maintenance, most air conditioning units can last between 12-20 years. Regular maintenance also allows technicians to spot and fix minor issues as quickly as possible to get your unit back to optimal performance.

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3. Lower Electricity Bills

Air conditioners can contribute to a significant portion of your home’s or business’s monthly electric bill. An unmaintained air conditioner can significantly increase your costs because it may consume more power. Faulty air conditioners are reported to use approximately 5% to 25% more electricity than properly functioning ones.

Maintaining your AC units regularly can make them more efficient, allowing you to save a few more dollars on your electricity bill.

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4. Increased Comfort Level

It is hard to live or work in an environment that lacks optimal comfort level. A well-maintained air conditioning provides maximum comfort in your home or business premises. It also helps to reduce the risk of unforeseen breakdowns during the warmer summer months.

5. Better Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioning unit does more than simply keep your home or business premises cool. It also aids in keeping the air circulating within your home clean and healthy. Mold, bacteria, fungus, and pathogens thrive in dirty or unmaintained air conditioners. These particles are blasted into the room When you switch on your air conditioner, they can contaminate the air.

An unmaintained air conditioner exposes you, your family, and your friends to a range of respiratory infections and potentially trigger reactions in allergic individuals.

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There are numerous advantages to keeping your air conditioning equipment well-maintained and cleaned regularly. The reasons outlined above are just a few of the many reasons why you should hire a professional air conditioning company like Climatech to inspect and clean your unit.